Getting to Know CLASS

Derelle Walker, CLASS Program Director

Derelle Walker, CLASS
Program Director

Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS) focuses on helping people with special needs live at home instead of in an institution. “The biggest benefit,” says Derelle Walker, CLASS Program director at Ability Connection Texas, “is that we give those we serve all the support they need to actually live in a community.”

The CLASS program works with each individual and his or her family to provide the services they need to remain at home. This can include attendant care, adaptive equipment (like the motorized wheelchair we helped BB’s family obtain), minor home modifications, therapy,and respite care. For BB, this includes a week each year at summer camp while his mom and grandmother receive much-needed rest from daily caregiving.

Your donations make many CLASS services possible. “A lot of people in our program solely depend on their case managers and ACT,” Derelle explains. “Donations help make sure we can support them and provide all the care they need.”