Ability Connection is committed to enriching the lives of people with disabilities through comprehensive, life-changing care, training and supports. We currently serve over 700 people with disabilities across Texas.

Our members come to us with individual needs; whether it’s adjusting to a wheelchair, re-learning how to eat or coping with a new situation. We believe a disability is a naturally occurring part of life, not a defining characteristic. We provide each individual with unique support and training through world-class services. Our services include: day habilitation in our training centers, independent living training, group homes and foster homes, vocational training, community inclusion, physical, speech and occupational therapies, nursing care and transportation services.

To sign up to volunteer and spend time with our members, please fill out our volunteer application or contact Landon Cole at lcole@kinsta.cloud or call 214.351.2500 ext 2255 for more information. 

Thank You to Our Partners!