Get Involved

For more information:

Landon Cole – Volunteer and Community Outreach Manager


214.351.2500 ext 2255

Ability Connection volunteers have the opportunity to help our members make new friends, social connections in the community, learn critical job/social skills and assist with recreational activities and classes in the Training Centers.

Last year, volunteers with Ability Connection provided 1080 hours of services which equates to a value of $29,376

The Process:

  1. Complete the volunteer form
  2. The Volunteer Manager will contact you and set up a time to connect/meet/talk
  3. The Volunteer Manager will arrange a “meet and greet”
  4. At the meet and greet, if all goes well, you and the member (and care provider/guardian if appropriate) will decide when and how to get started and will agree on basic days and times.
  5. Prior to spending time with the member, you will receive training deemed appropriate for the safety, well being and enjoyment of the member.

Benefits of becoming an Ability Connection volunteer:

You will get to know amazing people, with their own stories, passions and interests. More importantly, you will have a huge and lasting impact on the lives of a person with a significant disability. Our members truly love to interact with others and will enjoy getting to know you!