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Founded in 1953, Ability Connection is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves over 700 Texans with all types of intellectual or other developmental disabilities.

Our members are individuals with skills, passions, interests, humor, creativity, dignity and determination, and our experienced and dedicated employees and volunteers work hard to empower them to live the best life posisble by removing barriers that inhibit independence and autonomy.

Today, one in five people has a disability – which is why our organization and services are so critical.


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Discussing One’s Disability

Discussing One’s Disability

This is a great article that appeared in Forbes. It lays out both the positive and the negatives for a person with a disability to discuss their disability with others. The biggest takeaway for me is that the decision is a deeply personal one and the only person who...

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Our first fulfillment contract ….a sitcom in the making

Our first fulfillment contract ….a sitcom in the making

We have always seen ourselves at Ability Connection as a learning organization. We are not afraid to take reasonable risks as long as it has the potential to benefit our members. We evaluate an opportunity, create a plan, execute and adjust based on what we learn....

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David and Randie M. (parents of an Ability Connection member)

“Our son comes with his own unique challenges, and Ability Connection handles everything with professionalism and care. The management is great, the direct care staff is wonderful, the nurses are easy to work with and responsive, and we rest a lot easier these days knowing our son is being taken care of. So thank you Ability Connection for all that you are and all that you do.”


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