Jim Hanophy — President & CEO

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 x2201

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Weslie Brittin, Chief Financial Officer

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 x2204

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Tai Green — Chief Development Officer

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 x2259

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Brian Petty — Senior Director of Operations

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 x2257

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Laura Mahaley — Controller

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 x2263

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Amy Crooks — Director, CLASS

Office Phone: (512)468-7645

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Roshandra Clark — Human Resources Manager

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 x2207

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Roy Reyna — Director, Facilities & Maintenance

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 x2234

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Karen Fawkes – Director, HCS/TxHmL

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 ext 2222

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Markita- Training Center Director

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 x2223

Katrina Weger – Director, Nursing Services

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 x2253
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Landon Cole – Volunteer/Community Outreach Coordinator

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500
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Lana Marker- Foundation and Corporate Relations Manager

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 x2265

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Kristopher McLauchlan – Senior Director, Residential Services

Office Phone: (214) 803-2068

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Bethany Hardie – Special Events

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500

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Marilyn Evans – Development Director

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 x2242

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Monique Ortiz, Lead Instructor – Life Change Training Center Dallas

Office Phone: (214) 351-2500 x2231

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Board of Directors

Jim Hanophy – President & CEO, Ability Connection
Jack Woodworth, Chairman
Robert Cavanaugh
Lane Seliger
Jim Francis
Debbie Francis

Donald Laidlaw – Chair, Commvault Systems
Mike McCullough
Gary Roberts, CPA
Robert Mead
James Francis

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