Summer Camp Connections for Teens

Camp Connections- Summer Program

There are over 46,000 children enrolled in special education classes in Dallas County. Available summer program for children with disabilities are lacking in Dallas. Available summer programs are very expensive and few serve children past the age of 12. Many of the programs only serve tweens and teens that are higher functioning and do not accommodate teens with significant disabilities.

Camp Connection begins June 7th – July 30th, 2021

Location: Cochran Chapel UMC – Administration Building – 9027 Midway Rd. Dallas, TX 75209

Ability Connection will provide a comprehensive meaningful summer program designed for tweens and teenagers with intellectual and developmental disabilities ages 12-17.

This program will run on a full-day block schedule, focusing on improving educational, vocational, and social skills in a safe and enriching environment.

SUMMER Program Registration Process

The Summer Program Registration Process is a 4-step procedure. Each step must be completed for your child to be a Camp Connections Summer Member.
Click on link below to fill out Summer Program Application. All required fields in the two-page document must be filled before you can submit. An interactive feature will guide you through the document. This may take 10 minutes to complete.
  • Click here to apply for your child to attend Camp Connections- Summer Program.
You will receive an email confirming your application was received, including a calendar link to schedule an interview with VP of Youth Services to discuss goals and ensure the program is a good fit for your child’s needs. The interview can be done in-person, by phone, or zoom, and may take up to 15 minutes.
Following interview, a link for the registration packet will be emailed to you. The packet must be filled out completely and submitted within 30 days of receipt. All required fields in the 12-page document must be filled before you can submit. An interactive feature will guide you through the document. This may take 30 minutes or longer to read thru and complete.
CAMP CONNECTIONS 8-WEEK, ALL DAY SUMMER PROGRAM total cost is $1500.00. This fee covers all expenses, meals, and snacks for your child. PayPal is recommended for payments, however, we do accept cash or check. For quicker processing, it is recommended payment be submitted with your packet. (If needed, alternative payment plans and financial assistance options may be discussed with VP of Youth Services.) All these details are included at the end of the packet.
As space fills up, applicants will be sent a link to sign up on the Wait List. Applicants on the Wait List will be notified of their place (i.e. Two people ahead of them came off the list) as their name approaches the top, and when their name is pulled to proceed registration. If a family from the list chooses to not participate, the next person on the list will be contacted. The Wait List will remain active up until the end of the second week of the Summer Camp Program.
All refunds incur a 10% administration fees. Full refunds (90%) are given if a member chooses to no longer participate and cancels membership prior to program starting. Partial refunds are pro-rated and given if a member cancels 1-30 calendar days after program starts. No refunds are given if a member cancels 31 calendar days into the program or is terminated from the program.  



Fun Teachers Wanted!!

Teachers plan, implement, and evaluate for the students in their care. Teachers are responsible to ensure positive, high-quality learning and supervision of the students in their care at all times. In addition, the Teachers are responsible for ensuring that all space, equipment, training, supervision, policies and routines, and all records and files in their classroom are maintained and conducted in compliance with Texas Department of Education standards.

Major job functions include lesson planning, supervising, delegating tasks for supporting classroom staff and volunteers, communicating with parents, and collaborating with coworkers and program leadership through staff meetings and other activities.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact James Udell at or call 214.351.2500 ext 2273.