Summer Camp Connections for Teens

Camp Connections- Summer Program

There are over 46,000 children enrolled in special education classes in Dallas County. Available summer program for children with disabilities are lacking in Dallas. Available summer programs are very expensive and few serve children past the age of 12. Many of the programs only serve tweens and teens that are higher functioning and do not accommodate teens with significant disabilities.

Starting in Summer of 2021, Ability Connection will provide a comprehensive meaningful summer program designed for tweens and teenagers living with developmental disabilities ages 12-17 at Oak Hill Academy

This program will run 10 weeks on a full-day block schedule, focusing on improving educational, vocational, and social skills in a safe and enriching environment.

SUMMER Program Registration Application


Be sure to fill out an application at that time EARLY to reserve your spot for the SUMMER Program!

  • Click here for application for your child to attend Camp Connections- summer program.