Youth Services: EPIC After-School Programs

For more information:
James Udell, VP of Youth Services
Phone (510) 485-4646

EPIC After-School Programs 

Ability Connection’s EPIC (Enriching Programs Inspiring Children) After-School Program is tailored to the unique requirements of children with disabilities. We employ EPIC curricula, enriched with a variety of activities that engage, prepare for future endeavors, introduce social and behavioral skills, and create social goals to foster a comprehensive range of skills in children with disabilities. Our program includes homework assistance, social skills development, and recreational activities. Our team consists of trained professionals who provide a secure and supportive environment for your child’s learning. So, enroll your child in EPIC After-School Programs and witness the strides that come with empowerment through learning!


If EPIC is not available at the school or district, please notify your key contacts on campus to reach out to James or Jim.

James Udell:

Jim Hanophy: